Deepwater Advisors - Doug Smith

Doug Smith, Principal: Doug has had a significant professional career in the real estate and technology sectors going back over 25 years. His most recent experience in commercial real estate includes loan origination, loan sales and advisory services.

In 2006, Doug formed Deepwater Advisors, LLC, a real estate advisory group focused on the sale and purchase of commercial loans and real estate, credit loan structuring and consulting. As a Principal, he has participated in or closed key commercial transactions, totally over $200 million, and has compiled an impressive portfolio of clients in a relatively short time. He is a licensed real estate sales associate (Florida), a licensed mortgage broker (Florida), holds a mortgage brokerage business license (Florida) and has attained the Commercial Real Estate Professional designation.

Prior to his involvement with Deepwater Advisors, Doug was a consultant and advisor to several national mortgage lenders active in Florida and the Southeast. He advised on loan underwriting standards, loan processing, and closing and loan servicing transition procedures.

Doug has been a senior project management professional with experience in both “post start-up” entities and established corporate environments. He has lead many successful “cradle to grave” projects in the technology sector, delivering sophisticated engineering products and services, including strong emphasis on customer interface and support.

In the course of his career in the tech industry, Doug was the Managing Director of Customer Services for NetSpeak Corporation, a post-startup telecommunications software company. Prior to NetSpeak, he held senior product support and project management positions for ECI Telecom, a leading worldwide telecommunications equipment company.

Doug is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Science.


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